My name is Łukasz and I am a student at Westpomeranian University of Technology (electrical department). I also work at Mechatronic Systems company where we create various industrial machines dedicated mostly for SMT technology.


My interests are related to electronics and low level programming. I am the happiest person when I can develop both hardware and software for a device. At the university most of my activities so far are related to Bioelectrical impedance analysis (publications can be found in the footer of the website). For my PhD however, I decided to dedicate my time to Power Electronics topics (power converters, electrical motors driving), as those are more related to what I do at work and what I am interested in.

I am open to collaboration for HW and SW projects, especially Open Source. Most of the things I have learned is thanks to the great community of developers and engineers around the world (local as well). Although I don’t know much yet, I would be happy to give back to the community everything I can. I am also a big GNU/Linux operating system fan (both embedded and desktop). I am very sad that I still cannot use it as my main OS, as the EDA software I use on a daily basis is not supported by it (it works really bad on a virtualised system).

On this site whenever I only find the time, I would like to share my experience from the fields of my interests. I like the Hackaday’s interface very much so I based mine on it.